Video Analysis: Katie Ledecky

The last person, you always have to include her, it’s Katie. Katie is a great example of someone who swims with a high elbow. I mean a hybrid pull. You can see the girl beside her actually in the red cap. She swims with a true high elbow pull. She is probably the best example of what a high elbow pull looks like. You can see here up at the top screen this girl, her elbow is staying up, then her hand starts moving backward, versus what it looks like with Katie’s case has more of a straight arm because she’s more of a hybrid pull which is in between, basically straight arm and a and high elbow. Differences between their pulls are, as they both start to pull backward, you can see, this girl has a high elbow catch, so there’s a screenshot that you want to see, for sure, of what a high elbow pull looks like it’s what this girl is doing up here. Compared to Katie who is still in a straightened Freestyle pull. As Katie pulls back, she does once again get into a high elbow position, but as she pushes through her pull, she’ll straighten out one of the arms, so she’ll straighten out her elbow a little bit more than this girl who keeps her elbow more at an acute angle closer to the body, which is why hers is a high elbow and Katie’s is a hybrid. Katie’s high elbow is pretty much primarily seen on her right arm. Her left arm is dropped out a little bit more, but that’s because she has a galloping stroke and she breeds towards her right side. So, she has a straighter on the left side, and a little bit sharper on the right. Her rotation is great. You want to rotate from side to side, but because she’s rotating and breathing primarily to her right side there’s a little bit of an imbalance on a rotation, but she does do a great job of pushing past her hips.