Video Analysis: Kick Timing Off

This guy’s a good example of someone who, every once in a while just doesn’t hit his kick correctly so the timing of his kick and his arms aren’t right. He’s also sitting fairly low in the water from a body line perspective. So we want to make sure that he stays a little bit more horizontal towards the water surface, so you can see here, he, his left hands entered his right leg is now kicking down so there’s a delay in that kick crossing which is what we’ve talked about earlier, so he needs to make sure that his kick timing is correct. You can see how he’s, he’s on his side though, which is good and then he rotates back towards neutral, as he goes through his pull, which is, which is solid so his timing of the rotation is good, it’s more so the kick in a little bit more elbow bend so he’s pulling in a straight arm you want to have a more shallow pull.