Video Analysis: Multiple Angles

So let’s look at some of the videos. And as far as the videos are concerned, in this first one, we have three guys and I liked the fact that there were three videos because it allows you to see what it looks like with three different people side by side. So, at first, I’m going to look at the Up Kick, and then we’re going to discuss the Down Kick. When you look at the uUp Kick here, all of them do a pretty good job of getting the foot out of the water. You can see on this guy at the bottom, his foot is up through the surface. In the second portion, the second guy’s leg is through the surface of the water and then the first one when he goes into his next Up Kick you can see that his foot is also peeking out of the water. A good thing to see on video is how much of the foot on the Up Kick breaks through the surface of the water. A good indicator is when the toes to mid-arch of the foot pop through, you don’t necessarily always need the heel, but you’d never want like the shin to come all the way through or to expose anything of like, anything above the ankle. White Water is also a great sign. That means there are water disturbances, which means that the foot had to come through the water to make that water, those water bubble happens. So that’s another easy sign to see the second guy does kick out of the water way too much you can see his knee, his hip, and then, about halfway through his shin the entire foot out of the surface. He’s Up Kick driven. He’s really strong in the backside of his body, but he’s just wasting time using that much of your foot out of the water. It doesn’t help you go forward anymore, so he’s just expelling a lot of effort on his kick for nothing in return. As far as the Down Kick is concerned, you can see on the second guy how his toes are finishing in front of his body line, which is good. So he’s doing that well, you can also see that with this person even though they’re slightly rotated that their toes in front of their body line. On the third, you can see his toes finish right in line with his stomach, so he’s not finishing the kick in front of the body. The third person doesn’t finish in front of the body. The second person kicks out of the water too much, but the first guy is doing a really good job of balancing out both of those. So they can all plantar flex their toes better when they’re kicking down, you can see these knees staying towards the surface on the third, second, same thing, and even the first. So, all of them can work on plantar flexion, the second one needs to work on up Kicking too much. Then the third one needs to make sure that the Down Kick does finish in front of the body.