Video Analysis: New to BR Upkick

So the next kid has a nice Breaststroke stroke. But there’s one fairly obvious thing in his kick, it’s that’s the unevenness of his legs. So he is a Breaststroker. Breaststroke is his favorite stroke, but as you can see here. He’s very dominant with his right leg, and then his left leg is a little bit lagging, which we all have a dominant side and a non-dominant side. And you might see this from time to time in your Breaststrokers where one leg comes up a little bit less than your toes angles are different. And then from there, one-foot finishes, earlier, compared to the other side that eventually comes in and evens it out. So for him. He’s a lot stronger on his right side than he is on his left. So he finishes the right side kick before the left side comes around and snaps through, so he needs to work on, bending the right knee a bit more. So it equals up to the left side and then snapping all the way through and feeling his arches coming together at the same time, at the very end of each of his kicks to make his Breaststroke kick faster.