Video Analysis: Plantar Flexion Vs. Surface Area

Backing up on plantar flexion, the reason you want to plantar flex your foot is that it creates a larger surface area on the top of your feet. When you look at the Freestyle kick, the Up Kick versus the Down Kick, we already discussed the Down Kick is what generates the most speed. The Down Kick is what generates the most speed because that’s the portion of the kick where you’re moving water behind you. The Up Kick doesn’t move much water behind you at all, but you need to have a solid Up Kick to go into another big Down Kick. So, the more plantar flexion, you have the larger the surface area you have on the tops of the feet, which is a part of the body that moves water behind you. If you don’t have as much plantar flexion or you don’t play or flex your toes as much as you could, you lower the surface area, so, therefore, you don’t move as much water behind you, which means that you don’t go forward as far or as fast. Having good plantar flexion and increasing your plantar flexion allows you to move water, you can see here this is a great viewpoint of t this girl is forcefully moving water behind her with her foot, which means that’s helping her go in the opposite direction. It’s a vector that she’s creating with each kick in parts of the angle of that vector is actually what makes her move forward.