Video Analysis: Ryan Lochte

Here’s good old Ryan, the same thing as other Ryan, but this is Ryan Lochte. You can see here, he does he got gets a lot of rotation. So Ryan’s definitely on this video doing a little bit more than 40 degrees so he’s like, kind of exaggerating his rotation, but you can see upon entry he gets his hand in, and then he gets into his Max rotation. By the time his catch has happened, and then he kicks through, he goes over towards the top to do the same thing where he gets Max rotation hits it, and then rotates down back towards neutral, by the time the hand pushes through the pull. Ryan’s pull itself is not maybe shallow all the time compared to others that pull up right there he just finished through a very shallow but sometimes he does have a tendency to go pretty deep at the beginning and I do think that’s because he does the same thing as Ryan Murphy does we’re kind of right at the beginning they’re almost at max rotation they hit max rotation right after that. So if we hit my max rotation right here. That’d be less of a straight arm drive down because you can bend the elbow at that instance versus keeping the hand straight. So in regards to the Backstroke pull, some of my favorite drills are six kicks, one stroke, six kicks, three strokes, anything that works the swimmer rotating from side to side in conjunction with the pull. You can always do like right-left, or you can do pulling on the lane line. You can have a swimmer pull the lane line every single stroke or doing something similar that helps with elbow bend and keeping the hands shallow. That’s a great drill. Also kicking out on your side with your hands and rotating around your shoulders is awesome too. Anything that will help us when we’re learning how to rotate from side to side from their torso and not their arm first will help improve your Backstroke rotation.

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