Video Analysis: Too Little Rotation

Alright, so a couple of things I’d like to point out on her Backstroke is seeing on this sprint here which she does a nice job of. She’s got a big entry and is fairly rotated towards her left side, remember, as we’ve talked about you want to be at your maximum point of rotation so you engaged maximum point of rotation looking at where the opposite shoulder is so the opposite shoulders back out of the water that’s a good thing you want them back of the opposite short briefly come out about the water to see if you’re at that 40 degrees. One thing that’s happening though she started her rotation a little bit faster than her actual focus self so when she starts to pull back, she pulls back and rotates more quickly than she needs to. So basically she drives more rotation as she gets in her maximum point now, which is after injuries somehow she’s pretty much rotated to a more extreme angle which you can see by her opposite shoulder being out, and then from there, she corrects herself back towards neutral to do that on the other side. So she’s off on her rotation timing so ideally, we want to see that maximum point of rotation like this, with the hands still up at entry, and then from there, she starts to pull down. That’s when she rotates, flat or back towards neutral it’s getting into that flat position before she goes over to the other side. As far as her pull is concerned, there’s not a whole lot of elbow bend happening, there’s a little bit on this guy, maybe a little bit more on the right side. But yeah, you want to try to get just a little bit more elbow bend. Obviously from an order of priorities, I would work on the rotation timing first versus elbow bend. This does kind of seem like this is probably a drone much more towards the end.