Video Analysis: Uneven Kick

So this girl’s Breaststroke kick is probably one of the better ones of the bunch that we have. She does a nice job with her kick but overall her Breaststroke stroke, it’s kind of a struggle for her. And it’s because a lot of what she does with her pull, but mechanically kick-wise, she does a nice job of getting up, getting the toes out snapping around, you can see how much more even her kick is comparatively to the boy that we just watched. So yeah for her. It’s more of like dealing with her poll to make her Breaststroke faster because her Breaststroke kick mechanics themselves are still very, very good. Her video paused for a second. Give me a few moments, and that will restart. But yeah, so that’s what’s interesting on like she’s not a great Breaststroker he Breastroke times are okay comparatively to people who are more natural at it, but it’s not because of her kick it’s because a lot of what she’s doing with her hands are slowing or slowing her down. So you can see here she’s up snapping around. She gets toes a little bit closer together. Every once in a while gets it every once in a while does it, but for the most part, it’s symmetrical. Great fast-hitting all four points, it looks good!