Video Example: Abbie BR

So this is me, I’m a terrible Breaststroker. So I figured, what better use of what not to do than to show yourself. I am the I do two things of the common errors, very, very noticeably. The first is I dive way too far deep down after I am recovering my hands, so I dive down into the water versus trying to go forward. I also scoop in weird, because I’ve never had a great Breaststroke kick; I’m not a natural Breaststroke kicker and was not born with awesome ankles. The more I trained it did not get any better, so I muscled through Breaststroke when I swam with it by doing a lot with my arms manipulating the pull a little bit, so I generated more speed from it. Even though it’s kind of funny that it’s me, it’s, it’s a good example of a lot of things of what you shouldn’t do. So as far as my body was concerned. Not too bad, you can see that I have separation in my hands and my feet with my head down, and then from there I got to my “I”, my “y”, which is still right in my body line that’s looking pretty solid palms are facing away. And then I’m scooping in, and as I scoop in, you can see how deep my hands get in my scoop. So I was in Butterfly there. And so what I’ve found out about my Breaststroke stroke is I’ve tried to manipulate my Breaststroke stroke, to be more like a Butterfly pull, because I was pretty good at that, and to make some, get some more speed generation, then try to scoop into the body more in like a circle. So I’m pulling down, and then I come up to be able to get through that recovery, which is what you’ll see here. Right, I’m too low, pushing, pushing, and then I’m up here. I shoot my hands forward, but my hands are angled down toward the bottom of the pull, so because I came down I then had to come up, which then means I shot back down again, which means I have to come back up. There’s a lot more undulation in this Breaststroke stroke on the upper half for me, but because my kick is not super strong. I don’t get that extra oomph here where I am recovering my hands forward with the snap round from my legs on the back end. So, once again, here’s me pulling too deep, elbows behind my body, this could be a screenshot on Butterfly, but it’s also a screenshot on Breaststroke. And then from there, bringing the hands back up under the body, and then shooting them down under the water, which then they have to come back up to then go back down. So they’re just a lot of up and down here, but not a lot on the actual kick itself, which doesn’t give me a whole lot of extra pop at the end.