Video Example: Age Grouper

I can tell you guys one thing that I would do. I’ve used the flamingo drill on her. She’s one of the kids I coach. I’ve also taken her out of the water, put her on her stomach, manipulate her feet in. We’ve also worked with some band stuff to try to get the knees a little bit closer together because the left leg does jump out to the side and the knees, like a band, helps her understand where her knees are. Pierce had a really good point to slow it down on the sidewall drill. Yeah, I have found with her specifically that if she tries to swim slower with more intent on making sure that she sets up the left side, better the kick, actually does tend to balance out more. But if you don’t remind her to do that, or just in the middle of a set. And as a coach, I’m not necessarily looking at her specifically, you’ll get this type of Breaststroke kick instead of the kind of like more intentional one.