Video Example: Bad Body Position

We have two angles of this guy I’m pretty sure it’s the same swimmer, or at least came from the same coach. One thing you’ll notice on his Backstroke is that he does a nice job of keeping his pull shallow as he’s going through, so you can see how his elbow is lower at his hand. His hand is shallow, which is a good thing. But as far as the rotation is concerned, you can see that this body line is quite all over the place. These are lower than his midsection. His midsection is lower than his shoulders which means he’s just kind of in this upside-down you, which is ideally not what we want. You want a swimmer to be pretty much on their side. When you put your hand in up top, and then from there, as you continue through the pull, you’re going to be rotating more towards neutral. So if you’re a coach and you’re ever analyzing one of your swimmer’s videos, one of the biggest things is to make sure that at the very top part of that pull, you see the maximum point of rotation, and then as they continue to pull through. They go back towards neutral. He does a nice job of finishing that pull with his palm facing down, which is awesome, and you don’t always see that with swimmers.