Video Example: Good Backstroker

So this person’s video is a lot smoother. You can see that the tempo on his Backstroke has significantly gone down, so that’s the whole balance. With Backstroke the more rotation that you have, or even to do this slower, your tempo is important because the longer it takes, for you to rotate means that your tempo will slow. Your tempo dictates how much you can rotate and Backstroke. So, this guy’s Backstroke looks significantly different from the video that we saw before because he’s more so at a cruising speed. So, the biggest thing for him is to make sure that he is working on rotating quicker, so that way when he increases his tempo, it’s not so drastic between what looks like a very smooth Backstroke, versus one that looks kind of a little bit jerky and a bit all over the place and finishes with a body alignment, similar to what we saw before. His pull is good you can see up top, there’s a bit of a crossover, right when he enters. So ideally, we don’t want to have. You want to look perfectly like this so the pinky enters right in front of the shoulder joint, but it’s this arm that when he comes up top, he’s kind of crossing over behind his orange cap that we want to avoid that crossover up at the very very beginning. So for him, his Backstroke is good I would also if your coach, I don’t know if it’s the coach that’s on here or it’s a swimmer. I would look at their kick timing too. So, one thing I’ve learned recently is that whenever you enter up top if your left hand is entering then your right-foot should be kicking up in Backstroke and it’s opposite for the other strokes. If your right hand is entering, then your left foot should be kicking up, and it should be consistent with that. It’s the same thing in Freestyle, I have this drill that I call the connection drill. In Backstroke, I wasn’t convinced that it was the same, it is its opposite, so look for a left-hand right-foot connection and then right hand, left-foot connection on the kick portion to keep that stroke smoother. On this last Backstroke, he was off on one of his kicks and lead to that Backstroke looking jerky.