Video Example: Good Breaststroker

So, the very last girl, I’ve worked with for years now. She has a phenomenal Breaststroke. I put her at the very end just because her body line is so beautiful. For her, we are working on trying to get a little bit more of that whip kick at the top, so once you snap the feet around there are some people that naturally bring the top of the feet or the heels towards the surface, and what that does is as she shoots forward the hands go from being at the surface to shooting down more. It’s creating more of a downward shoot forward, which not what we wanted. But as we’re kind of playing with her stroke, that was one of the outcomes. You can see here, her hips are popped up, but from there, she’s got to kick the feet around to then get herself back into this awesome body line. But this body line on the screen, picture-perfect. That is an awesome “y” not awesome “y”, awesome “I”, which all swimmers should aspire to get into.