Video Example: High Head Position + Underrotation

So we are looking at this guy right here in the third lane, one thing that you can always tell a Backstroke super easy from, you know above surface video is how high someone’s head is. You can see here how his head is significantly higher than his feet and, every once in a while, there’s just not a lot of splash happening on the backside, there are not a lot of splashes because he’s kicking but his head positioning is too high, which doesn’t allow him to continue his kick through the surface of the water. As far as rotation is concerned, you can see as he’s pulling. There’s a bit of some splash happening, so I said at the very beginning of this webinar. There was a kid who shows us very nicely. Some splashed during their poll, and it’s right here. Okay, so you can see in this frame how there’s a little bit of whitewater, as he’s pulling down with his left hand, and that’s because he’s not rotating enough. He’s not getting his hand under the surface of the water fully, which means that he’s trying to move some air along with some water which doesn’t help you go anywhere. So he’s a little too shallow and left arm, which is why there’s a splash happening. And then from there, his right side is a little bit better, but we want to make sure that at the end of the day but he’s getting tired. He’s driving the rotation to drive those hands in. We’re getting less of a flat Backstroke happening, which you can see here, it’s very flat pushing through as he’s going into his last 25 of this 100.