Video Example: Hips Sinking

So this girl, she’s got a very clean looking Backstroke. She’s super smooth. I would say the pull pattern is perfect like she’s doing a nice job. One thing that to note though is you can see there’s a lot of like head movement happening, so when you’re rotating from side to side in Backstroke, you don’t want the head to be going along with your body. So the head should be kind of like the pillar, strong pull, and then the body rotates around that longitudinal axis but the head stays still. So she’s got a lot of head movement happening. The rotation is even from side to side, which is great or just not always keeping that head still. Another thing to note, as you can see here, even though all these frames, where’s that kick splash. So kick splash isn’t happening unless your body position is great. So overheads moving around a lot heads a little bit high for legs are going to be lower and Backstroke kicks specifically as we talked about in the last webinar, you want to kick through the surface. So kicking through the surface ensures that you use the full firing capacity of your quads. You’re doing a lot on the uptake which is the more propulsive phase of the Backstroke kick versus the down kick. If you’re not finishing through to the surface, you’re not getting all the speed that you can possibly generate so there should always be a splash in Backstroke during the kick.