Video Example: Kick Imbalance

Alright, so the person we’re looking at here is the red cap in the middle of a pool. This video is far away so it’s hard to tell whether or not he’s finishing with his palm facing down. I would assume that he’s not just because his recovery is not looking smooth. So if you’re his coach, definitely take a look at that on an underwater video where you can see whether he’s pushing down with his palm at the very, very end. There’s also quite an imbalance on his kick. So we’ll go back to here. When he’s kicking you could see how there’s right and this frame, there is a kick up happening about halfway through his pull and splashes going on, versus when he kicks over to the other side. His left hand is going through the recovery. You can see that there’s less of a splash happening on the opposite side, so where’s his left to right here. What that means is because there’s a little bit of less white water he’s rotating imbalanced from side to side. He has a little bit more rotation on one side versus the left. He’s using his legs to kick himself over to whatever side that has a larger splash. So when his right hand is up, he’s rotating on his left side. He’s using his left leg to kick over to his right side because he’s maybe not great at rotating to the right and he’s better at rotating towards the left. If you’re the coach, once again, look for that. What do you see with him at swim practice? It should be pretty obvious that one leg is kicking out to push the rotation over to the side and that he’s not great at rotating, which is why you can see here there’s a big kick and then nothing, big kick, nothing, big kick nothing on the splashes, as far as his kick is concerned.