Video Example: Michael Phelps (No Video)

So good old Michael. He’s always a solid person to look at as far as the gold standard. You can see that he’s got that white water following his kick- which is awesome. He’s kicking out of the surface of the water and then also kicking down. He’s got a great amount of knee bend there, so he’s not letting the foot too far out and the surface of the water. He’s not getting the shin out by any means. On his Down Kick, you can see here, his toes are right where my cursor is, and his hand is a little bit higher than that, so he’s always, always finishing the kick in front of the body. He has large feet and long limbs, but he’s making sure that that foot finishes down and in front, even in front of the pulling arm. His feet are super plantarflexed at the start of the down kick, and they stay plantarflexed throughout. Michael is one of those people that can sit on the pool deck with his feet out and plantarflex his toes and have his toes touch the ground. So on top of having a size 12 foot, he can do that as well. So it just gives him the ability to have nice big fins on the back end.