Video Example of Dolphin Kick: Age Grouper

First, she’s got more of baby Dolphin Kicks. She does a good job on her Up Kick situation, so a nice knee bend, you can see that the Up Kick is solid, streamline is good, body position is good. But from there, the Down Kick is very, very small. We do have a hip pop, but not a lot of upper body motion and upper body stayed pretty stable. So, one thing that she needs to focus on is she’s doing a good job with her Up Kick, but she’s not getting the benefit of a good Down Kick because that Down Kick is not finishing in front of the body. You can see too, how as she gets tired, she starts Down Kicking first with one foot. So, her left foot kicks down as you can see in this frame while her right is still up. This is common in age group swimmers, I work with on average, 12 year olds, and I would say a lot of my 11-12 year olds struggle with kicking down at the same time with both of their legs even though they might be intentionally thinking that they’re doing that, So videoing them has been a great way to show them that. Then giving them the feedback like thinking about hiding your toes with your big toes together. This has helped. Also, you can give them a band. You can also use the monofin, if you are someone who believes in monofins. And then also like Swimmers Best has a like full-body contraption thing, sort of a fin, that starts up on your chest and goes all the way down to your feet and it’s like a monofin on steroids. But you can feel that with like motion and because the plastic goes all the way up to your chest, you can feel whether you’re pressing, pressing the chest forward and backwards. So, it’s something that I would say is like super useful in a set type situation. But if for some reason you did buy one of those monofins, you could use it in the one off technique sessions or even like before or after practice with your kid to get them to feel what it’s like to keep the feet together and also to move the chest up and down.