Video Example of Dolphin Kick: FR vs. BK

He’s got a nice setup, you can see here as he’s coming through the water, he gets into that nice 90 degree bend with his knees. Then as he finishes his Down Kick, he finishes his Down Kick in front of his body with a little bit of arch on his upper body there. You can have a little bit more movement on your upper body as long as we’re not getting that lower back arch happening like you see in the screen. He submitted a underwater on his front and underwater on his back and we’ll do the back afterwards. But one thing I noticed was he starts with a huge amplitude of his Dolphin Kick, and it’s good, but at the end the day that transition takes too long between you’re Up Kick, your Down Kick, your Down kick and your Up Kick. It doesn’t matter how big the Dolphin Kick is you want the Dolphin Kick to be fast. If you’re taking too long, so say your Up Kick is only 20% of your propulsion is generated there, but your Up Kick takes like a full second compared to a very small whipping-like Dolphin Kick which takes a half second. It just takes you much longer to then reset to get to the point in your Down Kick that you move water, so a big amplitude is not necessary. If you do have a big amplitude, it’s got to be fast and the transitions can’t take as long and you want to continue with that throughout the entire time your under. You don’t want to start with a huge Dolphin Kick and then from there go down to a baby Dolphin Kick towards the end because your power output on the first three kicks was so much higher that it exhausted you for the last couple of kicks.

So, similar to his Dolphin Kicking on his stomach, here’s the Dolphin Kick on his back, you see massive Dolphin Kick, massive Dolphin Kick, a little bit smaller, a little bit smaller, a little bit smaller, a little bit smaller. So, these first two are huge and don’t need to be that big. Also, We don’t need to get this much knee bend because it takes way too long to get to your Down Kick motion on your Backstroke which then just delays you getting back into your next Up Kick. So just like on your stomach, you start with a big amplitude kick and he gets smaller as you get tired. Try to train with a huge kick all the time and if you can’t do that then either do a couple huge kicks and come up or smaller kicks and stay out longer. I wouldn’t try to combine the two because the kick becomes very ineffective towards the end of the eight kicks that you’re under the water for because the amplitude goes from huge to medium to small.