Video Example of Dolphin Kick w/ Undulation Off

So you can see here he’s got his 90 degree bend. You can see the difference between where his hips are and his knees comparatively to the girl before. So, we’ve got a little bit more upper body movement from him than we did from her. It could be almost maybe a hair too much because he’s moving forward in this frame right now and there’s water that’s coming at his body from the right to the left, he’s pretty large, so, the larger your surface area is, if you’re big old wingspan or small wingspan, person with a big wingspan, it’s gonna have more drag than the person with a small wingspan. So, we want to minimize surface area as much as we can and one of the main things that you can do here is get that head down and tighten up that streamline and that’ll increase the surface area at the very beginning of all the water that he’s running into with his Dolphin Kick. Here, his feet are in front of the body, but you can also see how his hands are down, so their position is not necessarily what we’re looking for. You should be pushing the chest down and pushing the feet down the same time. Ideally we’d want him at a more diagonal angle with his hands up. So as he’s Dolphin Kicking down he is off on the rhythm of what the upper body should be doing. The Upper body should always the opposite of the lower body. From an ankle flexion perspective, it’s not super great, but can be better. This is an older vide, I’m hoping that this has improved from the last time that I’ve seen it.