Video Example of Good Dolphin Kick

Nice knee bend, You can see here, he’s got a good streamline up top, solid body position. And then from there as he’s Dolphin kicking down under the surface of the water you can see how the hips have popped up, which is a good thing. That’s the first time we’ve seen this on a Down Kick from him staying up which is awesome. You can also see that up top of his fingertips are pointing up, so he knows that his upper body should be up too, but it’s not doing that. So, he needs to focus on a little bit more of getting the back, moving, it’s like basically a back arch, you want to arch the back up when the hips come up to get into more of that diagonal line. From a Down Kick perspective, he’s in front of the body so that’s a good thing. You can see as he goes through his Down kick, there is some ankle flexibility, but there isn’t nearly as much as the very first girl, where we saw the tops of the feet pointing backward. Right now, the tops of his feet are just pointing down. So, working on his ankle flexibility will help improve his Dolphin Kick. So he’s kicking water more in this direction versus down under his body.