Video Example of High Raiser w/ Eyes Facing Down: Torri Huske

We’re gonna look at the same video which is super cool. And we’re gonna look at this girl in lane three, here in the black cap This is Torri Huske. She is an example of someone who’s a high, high raiser with their eyes facing down. I want you to notice her body line, even in this specific frame, here, you can see a difference between her and Amanda’s, So Amanda is up higher, you can see more of her body a little bit of distortion from the water, but you can see how our eyes are looking forward more forward than here, where Torri’s are looking further down. So, her body doesn’t come up as much, but it’s still coming up out of the water comparatively to some of these others. When you look at Torri’s fly, she keeps to just a hair lower, looking forward, comparatively to Amanda over here who has a high Butterfly breath, followed by a nice big old whip of the head down afterwards.