Video Example of High Raiser w/ Eyes Forward: Amanda Kendall

So the next type of Butterfly stroke, we’re gonna look at is the high raiser with eyes facing forward. We’re looking at this yellow cap over here it’s Amanda Kendall. I want you guys to notice how quickly when I start the video how fast she drops her head after she takes a breath. So she comes up and looks straightforward and then the head goes down buries itself under the surface of the water. So a female, a lot of times, well we have more hair than I do, but you have to drop that full cap under the surface of the water because there’s a little bit of a bump there and the higher that peak is on the top of your cap above the surface of the water the more resistance you get. So here, she’s doing a nice job of coming up and then getting straight down. You don’t see the yellow cap for a second because it’s under the waterline which is what you want to go for. She’s looking straight forward and she’s getting the chest out and then she’s recovering well with a nice amount of chest press to get those hips up towards the very end.