Video Example of: Joseph Schooling

Joseph Schooling is the guy responsible for winning gold in the 2016 Olympics against Michael in the 100 Fly. He is also someone who does a nice job of staying low to the water getting the head down very quickly after his breath. And you can see here he’s got a really noticeable second kick so it’s a one on his first two on his second with a nice knee bent, so he’s coming up and breathing every stroke but once again recovering well, getting that head fully below the surface of the water with having a continuous kick happen. The guy beside him, you can see here on his kick kind of oscillates between having his feet really close together and then his feet really wide apart. I don’t know this but it would be interesting to see if he was able to get his feet a little bit closer together on that down kick if he was able to just be a little bit quicker from a speed, generating propulsion. So, I mean, be able to generate some more propulsion, therefore a higher speed output.