Video Example of: Kelsi Worrell

Kelsi Worrell is great. She is another great example of someone who swims with a very low stroke towards the water. So as we were just talking about with Michael, she stays very low as she goes through the water so her head comes up. And it’s really just from the chin up, that she moves to get through that breath and then she dives down getting the bottom of her cap, fully under the surface of the water. So she does a nice job of making sure that yes she’s coming up. And then she’s diving down but she’s still continuously moving forward, which she’s one of the world’s best butterfliers right now so that makes a lot of sense. You can also see from a timing perspective, that she breathes as she pulls down takes a breath here and then from there – she drops the head down. By the time the hands enter which is that tempo, we were talking about.