Video Example of Michael Phelps

What’s pretty interesting about Michael’s Dolphin Kick is from an Up Kick perspective he doesn’t get up to like a 90 degree bend. You can see here in this frame, this is Up Kick and his knees come up to only about 70 degrees, so he doesn’t have as large of as an Up Kick as we see in a lot of other people. But his ankle flexibility is like super extreme, that I think a lot of that, I think the reason he’s awesome and can generate a ton of speed in his Dolphin Kick. It’s because he has huge feet, and pretty much through the entire Dolphin Kick itself, he’s water at an angle backwards, which is since he has great ankle flexibility. He also does really small, fast kicks, like Ryan, amplitude is a little bit larger than what we saw on Ryan’s video, but at the end of the day it’s very, very consistent in speed generating.