Video Example of No Breath FL: Sarah Sjostrum

I figured it’d be good to see also what fly looks like without breathing, which is the proof that everyone undulates no matter if you’re breathing or if you’re not breathing, if your chin surfing or your high raising, ecetera. You can see that a swimmer is still having to undulate to get through the stroke. So, the hips are moving. Yes, up and down. It’s a lot less than where it would be with someone who’s coming in and out of the water, but you’re still seeing the bum move up and down up and down in this worm-like motion. Sarah Sjostrum is known for a sprint fly where she doesn’t breathe so she keeps that body line nice and flat, which is a benefit of not breathing. Most swimmers are not versed that well without air. Because, you know, your muscles need oxygen and over time your oxygen is depleting so how do you keep a anaerobic stroke powerful without that, you have to have a very high lactate threshol to do what she does. So, it’s cool to look at her stroke because if this was what everyone could do we would coach this. But, it’s not something you’d want to teach an eight year old because at the end of a 50 fly they’re going to be in a massive snowplow position trying to breathe every single stroke to make up for the fact that they’ve created just way too much lactate on the first part of that 50.