Video Example of Ryan Lochte

So Ryan is an example of a dolphin kicker that uses small and fast Dolphin Kicks. So, you can see here his amplitude compared to a couple of the amplitudes that we just saw is a lot smaller. His feet stay closer towards his body that wave-like motion is smaller, faster, and quicker in transitions. So, he’s got quick feet, his Down Kick is great. He finishes in front of his body every single time even though he’s technically on his back. And there’s just really a constant movement happening from his hips and his feet the entire time and you can see how the upper back in chess moves as well as he’s going through those Dolphin Kicks. So, Ryan did this 50 under the surface of the water. Backstroke Dolphin Kicking obviously, and he went 20.8, which is pretty darn solid for Backstroke Start.