Video Example of Side Breather: Camille Adams

One of my good friends Camille Adams made the Olympic team a couple of times for the USA, she’s also a side breather. I said it was a dying breathing pattern-get it kind of an ironic joke, but what this does, as I said before, is keeping her head low to the waterline like chin surfing, but you have all of that head movement which creates so much drag. So, Camille is here in the middle of the pool, she’s a more even more intense side breather than Pace Clark is, but you can see on this underwater video how she comes up and then has to move the chin down after the breath to get her body back in a neutral line. In this lane right here you can see her up and then down, Up and down, so again that side breathing is really over time just slowly but surely, kind of dying off, but every once in a while you will see some people that still teach it.