Video Example: Pulling TOO Early!

For me, this is one of my kiddos. We talked a lot about being in that “I” position. She’s been holding her stroke a lot better with the hands up top, so the feet come around, but she’s still, still smaller, a little bit early with opening up the hands. She also doesn’t like to keep her hands together, so you can see that there’s still just a slight space between the thumbs in that “I” position heads going down pretty well, but she can still kind of shape up those two things. Hold the “I” longer. It also makes sure that she keeps those hands together. So we pretty much say this on repeat, a broken record, at practice every single day just to make sure that it’s not a bad habit, but a habit that can be corrected. So you can see here, we’re shooting forward, and then our legs are coming around. Right before the legs touch, you can see how the hands go from together to separate, we want to minimize that separation until the feet are entirely together which is right here, but you can tell, even then, by the time they get together, there’s still space up top with our hands, so that’s not an extreme starfish position, but that is what I consider starfishing in the pull.