Video Example: Ryan Lochte

 I’d say Ryan is probably the most picture-perfect technique of Backstroke kicking than anyone I could find. Ryan’s very good at kicking in front of his body. You can see on his underwater footage, how his Ankle flexibility is amazing. He’s always letting his toes break through for the surface while his knees are way under the water. He doesn’t have a ton of knee bend he gets into that 120 degrees pretty much perfectly, and he has that 1,2,3 switch kick happening, which is perfect to what we were just talking about as far as cadence-wise. So, Ryan overall has a very solid Backstroke, he’s very smooth. He also has those great flexible ankles, he’s always been just a great kicker, he’s good underwater just like, Michael, which he uses to his advantage. You can see and understand that through his video.

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