Video Example: Ryan Murphy

So I always love to look at everybody’s videos and then show you guys two pros that you can kind of compare and contrast with the information I just gave you, whether it’s on your kid or yourself, and look at what someone else is doing well. Ryan Murphy is a USA Olympian. He does a great job of finishing down with a straight arm so finishing his pull facing down. He’s a little wide on the finish of his pulls a little bit further away from his body than on maybe some other pros, but he still does a great job of the actual pull pattern itself. The rotation is amazing too. He’s pretty picture perfect on the rotation he never stops rotating, which you do never stop, and Backstroke. So you can see how the body just is constantly swinging side to side, it’s pretty much like a pendulum, and very, very end of this backstroke pull, you can see here how his palm is facing down towards the bottom. So right there, his palm is facing down, which allows him to pop the shoulder up as we talked about when this guy’s at the entry to get a little bit further into a deeper rotation to the opposite side, as he’s going into his catch position. So he does a great job of showing you what that palm down at the very end of the Backstroke pull looks like but you can see here how that pull itself is a little hair wide outside the body, and there’s a little bit of a hair of a crossover up top so as far as that is concerned if I was talking to Ryan that would be what I would say to him.