Video Example: The Connection Drill

If you do the connection drill, when your right arm enters and your left leg kicks down, you’ll see a big splash. And then when the left arm enters in the right leg kicks down, it’s all the muscles that are firing through the same spinal fascia line and you’ll see a big thud, from, from the kick.

So here’s a view of a connection drill done under the water which actually I think is better than the original video. So you can see here when his left arm enters – he kicks down with the right foot and then vice versa so he’s kind of like dragging the legs. And overall, he’s firing everything straight through that line, just as similar as you would do when he’s walking or running.

This drill is great if you have someone who really is a jerky Freestyle stroker or a young kid that just seems to really have lost their Freestyle stroke. Tell them to slow it down as far as what the kick is doing and see if they are connecting right.