Video Example: TOO Deep of Pull

Alright, we’re looking at this girl here in the blue suit and black cap; having a more shallow pull will help. This kiddo is one of mine, and we’ve talked about this, she goes in for her pull and does the old school scooper style where she takes her hand and drives super deep and then she scoops up, which is why in some times she has a very like bouncy Backstroke. We’ve been working on this by trying to get her to pull shallower and get an elbow bend without sacrificing the arms being straight through the recovery. One of the biggest things for her work on is to get the elbow down, so the elbows driving deeper keep the hand shallower, and she’s not pushing water up at the very end of her Backstroke pull. Rotation is a bit unbalanced too. She’s a little bit better to her left than her right, so she can rotate a little bit more to her right side that will help her out a lot.