What is Plantar Flexion?

What is one of the greatest elements to have Freestyle Kick? And the funny part is, is this is like the MOST talked about thing in the stroke technique world is plantar flexion.

There’s no doubt about that people who are great Freestylers do have a lot of plantarflexion, which is the ability to point the toes away from the body. But that’s not to say that you can’t improve your plantar flexion if you weren’t born with a lot. Plantarflexion is definitely a part of the kick, but it’s not all of it. So you don’t need to stress if you weren’t born with too much of it – we can help you get it better.

But it’s not all of it as we’ve just discussed, I think this is like slide 20 something, there’s all these other slides on what you do for your freestyle kick so it’s not just plantar flexion itself that’s important.