What is the Butterfly Pull?

So, what is the Butterfly Pull? Butterfly Pull, by definition, is a movement required by a swimmer while swimming the Butterfly stroke. Part of the Butterfly pull is the actual pull itself and then the second part is the recovery with hands coming out of the water. When you look at the mechanics of the pull in the recovery, there isn’t necessarily a ton of things technically that you need to do well. I will point out the majority of the ones in the pull. As far as the recovery is concerned, if you pull well and have great timing during your pull then you’re going to be able to throw your hands forward to return to the entry point in a relaxed state. If you don’t do the components of the pull well, then you’re having to throw your arms with a lot of effort forward on the recovery. As a result, you’re going to get someone who looks tense above the water when they’re swimming Butterfly and that relaxed feel you see in some of the world’s best Butterflies- It’s just not there. So, the recovery itself doesn’t have a whole lot of technical cues to it. It’s just a matter of getting the hands from the end of the pull to the top of it again to be able to restart the pull and create propulsion to get a swimmer down the pool.