What is the Flamingo Drill?

Essentially what the Flamingo is drill is it helps a kid, see where their body and their feet are  in the water versus out of the water. So if you’ve ever had a swimmer that’s really struggled to kick or learn how to point their toes or just in general, get the Breaststroking kicking motion. You can do the flamingo drill out of the pool and then transfer it into the pool. You can also transfer it to them while they’re using a kickboard. So you can hit all three steps and that basically that learning curve to ensure that they’re understanding how to go through steps one through four. So the reason it’s called the flamingo drill is when you’re on land, obviously you can’t do both legs at one time. So you’re standing on one leg, going through all the steps, making sure that you’re hitting that he bent, the catch is snap, and then the finish.