What is the Freestyle Pull?

So, as far as the Freestyle Pull is concerned, this is the one thing that I always like to harp on whenever I give presentations on Freestyle is that there are other stroke technicians out there. Some people study the biomechanics of swimming and many of them claim that there’s a specific way to do it well. High elbow pulls is the one that gets the most buzz and is a buzzword in swimming, but the reality is even if you’re telling your swimmers to do a high-level pull a lot of them aren’t even doing it. So you don’t want to drop ever at any sort of pulling pattern and we’ll discuss the different types of pulling patterns. But the reality is, it doesn’t have to be a high elbow for someone to be successful. And I think that’s proven in pretty much all areas of life that there’s no one way to do something well, to guarantee success, and swimming in pulling in Freestyle is the same thing. So I like to get back and when I look at strict. My goal is just to understand different aspects of stroke technique like get the educational components of it, pros and cons of different styles, to be able to teach you guys, who are coaches and swimmers, to better make better-informed decisions about your pull in your Freestyle stroke. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if I tell you to pull with a straight arm or tell your swimmer to pull with a straight arm, and then you put your swimmer in the water and it looks horrendous. Are you going to have them continue to pull the straight arm? No. So it’s all leveled up with the swimmer’s ability, what they can do and what they’re comfortable with. Then from there, work through it.