What Makes Dolphin Kicking Faster?

So, why do we Dolphin Kick? It’s way faster than swimming. So, when you look at the numbers. Basically, you’re going to look at where the arrows are pointing. So, you can see here, this is a 50 fly. So, when I do video analysis for certain swimmers they’ll send me a rac, I’ll kick out some metrics for them and then we’ll sit down and talk about those metrics and why that data points are important. But when we look at this 50 Fly you see BO MS and then you also see velocity, your BO MS is your breakout. So what’s happening under the surface of the water speed versus your velocity of your swim speed, so you can see here on this 50 Fly on the first lap, their underwater speed was at 2.0, on average, and then they swim at a 1.5. On their second lap, they were still at a 2.0, and they swim at a 1.2. So there’s a significant difference in your speed under the surface of the water versus your speed on top of the surface of the water, and this is pretty much universal on all of your strokes, besides Breaststroke. The two fastest points of any swimming race, the first one is off the start, you can never replicate the speed that you have off the blocks, and the second one is off of your turns. But either way, when you go into Dolphin Kicking you’re essentially Dolphin Kicking off on a concrete surface you’re pushing off of something that is stable and that allows you to generate a ton of speed, because you start at such a high acceleration from that push off. So, Dolphin Kicking itself is not really something that, like creates speed. I like to think about it as trying to not decelerate as fast so how, like, not steep, can you make the slope of your velocity curve once your feet leave the wall.

So, what makes Dolphin Kicking faster? You have a lot less drag. When you’re kicking under the surface there’s less frontal drag on the body, which allows the swimmer to generate faster speeds, you’re also in a streamline, which is the most hydrodynamic position a swimmer can be in. And as I just talked about, you have that push off from the wall, which is your, you know, second fastest point of any swimming race or off of the start. So, having that concrete surface allows you to generate more force, and have a higher speed compared to the generating speed on your own as you’re swimming. Most of your swimming strokes, depending on, you know there’s still some like, how fast you are versus how old you are, or someone even swimming and what stroke you’re doing most of them don’t exceed like two meters per second, maybe 2.5 meters per second if you’re a fast guy. So, if you Dolphin Kick well some people can Dolphin Kick 3, 3.5 even 4, depending on how explosive they can be off their starts with their turns followed by how much power they can generate directly after that.