What Part of Arm Pulls Water?

So as far as Freestyle, I love having this conversation. I teach like 10 to 14-year-olds right now, I love the little guys. And I always ask them like where do you think you guys move water, like how do you move water in Freestyle? We’re talking about the Freestyle pull, and it’s astonishing to me some of the answers that you get, I mean, most, most kids will put together that it’s something with the arm, but every once in a while you’ll get a kid thinking it’s strictly the body that moves water it has nothing to do with the arms and legs. So, having the awareness of knowing that it’s the forearm, palm, and wrist, being able to talk through that with them saying it’s anything from the elbow down to that middle finger that generates speed is A, very enlightening for the person who may not know and, B, good for you to be able to communicate. It’s the lower arm that generates propulsion in Freestyle.