What Type of Breaststroke Should I Teach?

My recommended teaching progression, most people when they teach Breaststroke, especially in the swim schools, is they teach a distance for stroke Breaststroke stroke. I do think that that stroke should be the stroke that is taught first because if you don’t teach that correctly and get the timing down right if you put someone into the fast recovery too quickly, they’ll go into a starfish position all the time which defeats the stroke entirely. So, I teach the distance per stroke Breaststroke stroke from six to 12. And then, from there, by the time they are like 10 to 12, you can kind of know which of your swimmers, have a natural Breaststroke which is not determined by who’s a great Breaststroke kicker. By age 13, If you have a more natural Breaststroker then consider keeping with that distance per stroke stroke- don’t change anything. But if you have a less natural one, let’s talk about how to get them into more of a higher tempo fast recovery Breaststroke stroke.