Why Do You HAVE to Rotate?

So why do you need rotation? In Backstroke, swimmers are required to rotate more than they are in Freestyle. And this is just because we have scapula bones on our back versus not on our front, so I put up a little picture of the anatomy of a swimmer’s body, and you can see here in this in this image. There’s a scapular bone right in the back this scapula bone does not allow us to truly take our arms and put them back behind our head. This bone restricts movement if you look beyond at my video. I put my arms straight out and they go straight out in front of me because I don’t have a scapula, that’s in the way hurting this movement. Whereas if I go backward, I can’t go straight out past my back because my shoulder blade, the ball my shoulder socket can go straight into my scapula. The scapula is there to allow the shoulder and the hand to go up over the head, but at the end of the day, we can’t go as far back as we can go forwards. So, because we can’t go as far back as we can do as we can going forward, we have to rotate more. If you don’t rotate enough, you’re not going to be able to drive the hands under the water and push against the water. If you’re flat on Freestyle, I mean if you’re flat on Backstroke. A swimmer we’ll skim the surface, so they’ll have like half water, half air. In some of these videos, I believe there’s one swimmer in particular, where you can see a splash being generated to the sides of their body when they’re pulling that splash is generated because they haven’t rotated enough and the head isn’t truly under the surface of the water. If there isn’t rotation, you’re not going to be pushing water which means that you’re not going to be moving forward.