Our Mission

Our Mission:

Swim Like A. Fish helps swimmers and coaches get to the next level through our online, technique-based resources. Our goal is to help you understand what you need to do to swim LESS like a “Seahorse” and more like a “Sailfish”.

P.S., The world’s FASTEST fish is a Sailfish, and the world’s SLOWEST is a Seahorse– get it, 😉 !

Our Story:

Swim Like A. Fish was founded and created by retired University of Georgia Alumni/Swammer, Abbie Fish. Abbie has been on a mission ever since she retired from swimming to change the way coaching feedback is given and help ANYONE in the swimming community get to their goals.

Did you know that 65% of our population are visual learners? And with that, the majority of swim coaching feedback comes in from auditorally and kinesthetically ways? To Abbie, that didn’t make sense.

Shortly after retiring from swimming, Abbie saw this disparity in coaching feedback first-hand. LESS than 5% of her swimmers actually had seen their strokes on video, and Abbie’s mission ever since–has been to change that.

Using her own swimming experience and work done at USA Swimming, Nashville Aquatic Club, The Race Club, and RITTER Sports Performance–Abbie has a unique skillset and philosophy that has helped many get to the next level.

There’s no more flying to clinics, giving up more of your weekends, and/or spending the extra dollars on private lessons. Swim Like A. Fish is here to help you get to the next level–all at the ease of your computer screen.

From our stroke technique courses to our video/race analysis packages and our membership site called the School of Fish, Swim Like A. Fish aims to be YOUR #1 Resource for Swimming Stroke Technique Education.

Are you ready to reach the next level?

Oh yeah, and please don’t forget to–Swim Like A. Fish 😉