Why is the 200 Freestyle the HARDEST event?

Why is the 200 Freestyle the HARDEST event?

“Swimming is an anaerobic sport, even the distance events. The 1650 is 14 minutes now–that’s not very long.” — Nate Knopf

We know you’re bored–sitting at home with lack of things to do. There’s no sports on TV and we are all trying to keep our minds off of what’s happening out there.

Welcome to our Deep Dive: Swimming Isolation Podcast

Featuring Abbie Fish and Nate Knopf. Nate and I have been friends for over 10 years. I actually grew up swimming with his younger brother on Lakeside. Nate is an Auburn alumni and all around swimming-nerd like me, so naturally we gravitated towards each other–normally with tacos involved.

Anyways, Nate said, “Let’s do a podcast – giving the people what they want right now – which is content and I’ll rank all 68 swimming events to talk about them.”

And you’ll be surprised with the results. Did you know the 200 Freestyle is ranked as the HARDEST swimming event for both Men and Women? Out of all the 200’s, the 200 Fly is ranked the EASIEST!?

Also, how is the 50 Free HARDER than the 1000? Don’t worry, we got it all covered in episode 1 of our Deep Dive: Social Isolation Podcast!

Watch Episode 1 Now:

Download the Event Ranking List:

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Until Next Time,

Abbie Fish & Nate Knopf

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  2. I would love for Mr. Nate to come
    talk to our swim club. Is there contact information available and do you know what he charges for a booking fee? Thank you.

    1. I will forward your email to him and you all can chat! Where is your club based?

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